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  • Intelligence

    IntelligenceNDI is built around intelligence - intelligent people designing intelligent products for intelligent application. VISCE Back Office is the culmination of ANPR / ALPR data into an intelligence engine for law enforcement and security professionals around the world.

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  • Fixed ANPR / ALPR

    Fixed ANPR / ALPRNDI's Fixed ANPR / ALPR Systems secure communities around the world and provide valuable intelligence and investigative data to law enforcement, civil enforcement, and homeland security. NDI provides a complete offering of innovative and high performance fixed camera solutions.

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  • Mobile ANPR / ALPR

    Mobile ANPR / ALPRNDI's Mobile ANPR / ALPR Systems allow for additional reach into areas for tactical operations, proactive policing, and intelligence gathering. NDI's Mobile Systems offer versatility, ease of use, and unmatched performance.

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  • Portable ANPR / ALPR

    Portable ANPR / ALPRNDI offers an unparalleled variety of Portable ANPR / ALPR Systems to meet almost every need. From checkpoint operations, covert monitoring and data collection, and undercover operations, NDI has it covered.

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  • Watch NDI

    Watch NDINDI has satisfied customers all around the world seeing benefits from their NDI ANPR / ALPR Systems. Don't take our word for it - listen to what our customers have to say.

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  • World Class Support

    World Class SupportNDI prides itself on providing the best customer support in the industry. Learn more about why you should trust NDI with your ANPR / ALPR needs.

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NDI Knowledge Base

Find general guidelines and trouble-shooting solutions for your ALPR/ANPR system by viewing the frequently asked questions and answers on the NDI-RS Knowledge Base page.

Frequently asked questions:

Q: Are your solutions customizable?

A: Yes. All of our solutions are designed to meet the needs and specifications of customers.

Q: Does NDI-RS offer training?

A: Yes, training is provided during the completion of the installation process to individuals at the user level as well as at the administration level. Training is typically conducted on site at NDI-RS headquarters but arrangements can be made to have training completed off-site at a specified law enforcement location. Training includes presentations, demonstrations, and hands on activities so users understand the products and how to use them.

Q: Is there any financial assistance available?

A: Yes, there are grants available to help with the purchase of an ALPR/ANPR system. The NDI-RS Grants page offers a list of grant programs with links and directions on how to apply. There are many other federal, state, local and corporate grants that are also available for financial assistance.

Q: What are the basic components of an ALPR/ANPR solution?

A: An ALPR/ANPR system typically is comprised of: cameras, ALPR/ANPR software, and a database.

Q: What is the difference between ALPR and ANPR?

A: These terms are synonymous. ALPR refers to Automatic License Plate Recognition (North America) while ANPR refers to Automatic Number Plate Recognition (Europe). The terms are interchangeable and used based on location.

Q: What policies are other agencies adopting for ALPR?

A: The International Association of Chiefs of Police created a report to provide law enforcement agencies with information about ALPR policies. The report can be found at IACP ALPR Policy Operational Guidance. Click (here) to visit.


Restricted Area:

Q: How can I view which user was logged in during a particular plate read? You need to be logged-in to access this file.
Q: Is there a way to track hits that an officer did not respond to? You need to be logged-in to access this file.
Q: What is Neural Network technology and why is it important? You need to be logged-in to access this file.

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